Jun 4, 2017

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Sash Window Repairs London


Sash window repairs London are one of the best eco hacks for any period property homeowners. The cost to the environment of entirely replacing sash windows with ugly UPVC , which was once considered high tech and good quality is horrendous. We are simply running out of places to throw away all this plastic. At least when a wooden window is replaced like for like it is disposable and a renewable source. So always best to carry out sash window repairs, London rather than replace if at all manageable.

It’s been said sash window repairs in London can be considerably more costly than replacement. Typically the homeowner needs to research further because plenty of sash window companies in London will repair windows for a fraction of the cost of replacement, even a fraction of nasty plastic windows. Normally sash window repairs can be carried out for less than half the cost of replacement, and in some cases not even a quarter. It’s a brilliant saving in money, and even more of a saving in carbon emissions. We must all do our bit when we can.

The latest technologies are used when carrying out sash window repairs London, a super new invention called epoxy resin is used to fill areas that have rotted away. Firstly the Sash Window Repairs London company will cut away the rot and then use the resin primer to seal in the repair. Once the resin cures it’s a simple case of sanding and priming. Once complete we are as good as new then without the damage to our environment.

Sash windows can be repaired in many ways. Sill sections can be cut out and replaced. Normally this will be with a hard or softwood at the discretion and budget of the homeowner. Hardwood is recommended for a longer lasting finish. The labour costs more than the timber and makes sense to invest in your home first time, properly.

Broken panes of glass can be replaced and putty made good. Window pulleys that are stiff or squeaky can be repaired, replaced, or lubricated. Normally lubrication is sufficient to take the edge off a squeaky pulley wheel.

Sashes that are rotten need not automatically be binned. The Sash Window Repairs London Company can make good in most cases and even offer a five year guarantee on these repairs. Normally when these repairs are done a draught proofing system will be installed because it does not increase costs and is a fantastic upgrade that drastically improves the comfort of a period home whilst reducing energy use. The primary energy is gas which is a great positive for the environment . Any time we can save energy, save money, and improve the environment we should be taking full advantage of that opportunity