sash window repair

Don’t replace, sash window repair is the new eco hack

Whatever you do, don’t replace your sash windows, there’s a dozens more alternatives out there before replacing your original joinery and we will take a look at them together. It’s possible you have some rot, and your sill or sash need a splice, many companies will tell you they need entirely replacing, in fact some unscrupulous companies hide behind the ethos of repair, to validate the fact they condemn all windows and offer a hard sell. Just take an example poor customer who was duped into having all her sash windows removed for an inferior UPVC, when all she really needed was a good bit of sash window repair.

There are dozens of articles out there about sash window repair and how to fix sash windows with broken cords, and then there are even more comprehensive sash window repair resources available here which detail exactly how to go about repairing sash windows rather than costly replacement. Sash windows can also be draught proof and there are several government incentives to go green with your sash windows. Basically depending on your London postcode theres a fair chance your windows can be repaired, draught proofed, and if lucky you might even be entitled to double glazing. This is incredibly good incentives from governments, who are being forced to aware of the perils of climate change and carbon footprints which in recent studies have proven to be of significant cause for concern.

We highly recommend you carry out sash window repair before replacing, the damage to the environment is not limited to the glass that needs to be manufactured, trees also need cutting down to make new windows and then the energy required to process the tree into a window is no small matter. Sash window repair on the other hand is sympathetic and cost effective making it the perfect eco hack.