Choosing the right solar panel installer for you can be a confusing process – there are all sorts of installers to choose from, variously offering installation of different panels at different prices.

Before Installation:

  • Check your home has an EPC rating of D or above
  • Ensure you have the available space for an array and an inverter
  • Make sure you have chosen an installer who is MCS certified and installs MCS certified products
  • Have any planned works approved by your local authority, if your property is in a conservation area, area of outstanding natural beauty or if the building is listed
  • Check the warranties on offer from the installer for parts and labour, as well as warranties offered by the product manufacturers

During Your Installation:

  • They should check that the roof area is suitable for panels and that the loft can contain an inverter.
  • You should receive a quotation containing essential information about the system the installer has designed for your property. This would include: a system specification (details of the panels, inverter, isolators, etc), SAP calculations, projected savings.
  • After the panels have been installed, the system must be commissioned by an MCS qualified electrician. Once this has been done, your installation will be submitted to MCS and you will be provided with an MCS certificate.

After Your Installation:

If your installers have met all the criteria stated previously, then your solar panels should be covered by product and performance warranties, offered by the part manufacturers, and a good installer would have offered you their own warranty, for parts and labour.

Experienced installers will typically offer an aftercare service; this service should be performed by a technician and include: cleaning and checking of the panels, inspection of the condition and tightness of roof fixings and seals around roof penetration, examining the condition of the inverter, checking and recording open circuit voltage and current levels, and ensuring optimum functionality of the system.