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We can provide you with a list of sash window repair and draught proofing specialists using latest technologies to thermally and acoustically improve the quality of your home. All companies partnering with us are vetted, and work inspected upon completion with customers satisfied. If you don’t know who to use for sash window draught proofing in London then feel free to contact us for advice and best practises. We can even recommend sash window kit sellers that come with complete instructions for your own carpenter to make the install. This doesn’t necessarily save money but provides piece of mind working with familiar contractors.

Loft insulation companies are easy to come by via government schemes. We would always recommend you in the direction of a local installer via government backing so you have piece of mind and a quality install. We rarely venture into our lofts and on completion of the job no one ever checks the standard, they entirely rely on the integrity of the installer for a good honest job.

Cavity wall insulation companies will provide clear pricing, and generally be able to help you gain a contribution to the project via government funding. We will put you directly in touch with experienced companies in your area, that understand the best way to submit an application and approach the council in order to get a significant and fair contribution to this important energy saving work.