Man breaks Guinness World Record with 4,036 origami shirts

Man breaks Guinness World Record with 4,036 origami shirts

A British T-shirt entrepreneur broke a Guinness World Record by assembling and displaying 4,036 origami shirts.

Guinness confirmed Jude Coram, 24, owner of T-shirt business Apparel of Laughs, broke the record for largest display of origami shirts, which was previously set at 3,474 shirts by Kids Jamboree in Tokyo.

Coram said he took on the project as a means of keeping busy during the pandemic, and ended up folding 4,036 sheets of paper into miniature shirts between March and June of this year.

Coram displayed his origami artwork in the front windows of Maketank, an Exeter, England, venue that supports local creatives.

“I’ve been a big fan of these world records — and I had the books as a kid,” Coram told DevonLive. “Having one myself, I’m very pleased. It’s something I’m trying to drop into the conversation here and there.”

Coram said he is prepared to defend his title.

“I’ve got all the paper shirts in a box, so if someone does break it, hopefully, I can get back and put so more up and beat them again because I’m not quite sure how long it’s going to take before someone has another go,” he said.

In the meantime, the business owner said he is considering other T-shirt-related records.

“There’s one which is for the most signatures on a t-shirt which I think would be interesting because what I did with the origami was basically just myself folding everything and then putting it on display,” he said. “But with the signature one, I’d actually need a lot of people to help out, so that would be a nice way to meet people in town and for people in Exeter to get involved as well.”