Pete Carroll defends Jamal Adams trade as “terrific”

Pete Carroll defends Jamal Adams trade as “terrific”

The Seahawks are reeling, and owner Jody Allen is paying attention. As a result, some selling needs to be done about the current state of the team.

With Seattle’s first-round pick — possibly a high one — earmarked for the Jets as the second half of the Jamal Adams trade, coach Pete Carroll had no choice but to defend it.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Carroll called the move a “terrific trade” for the Seahawks.

Adams played in 12 games last year and 12 this year, with both seasons cut short due to injury. He gets injured because he plays the position with reckless intensity, an admirable quality.

It is an admirable trade? When the Seahawks made the move, they expected to be losing a pair of low first-round picks. Instead, they’ll be losing a top-10 (perhaps top-five) selection in 2022.

“Unfortunately, he got hit just the wrong way and he’s going to have to get fixed up,” Carroll told reporters on Wednesday. “He’s been through this before and he’s really rocked by it, of course. We are all pulling for him to come out and get back at this thing as soon as possible. I’m really disappointed for him, as well as us.”

It was good for Adams to get his long-term deal before the season began. It was smart. He knew that the risk of injury constantly exists, especially for someone who plays like he does. And the Seahawks, after giving up so much to get him, had no choice but to pay him.

Still, it’s fair to wonder whether they regret the move. Think of it this way. If the deal they did was so good, would someone else give them two first-run picks for Adams now? Would someone have done it before this year’s injury? The honest answer to that question becomes the honest answer to the question of whether the trade was truly “terrific.”